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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

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Selected Works


Event Ticketing
Table Booking
Voucher Sales


Multi-Site CMS
Read Reporting
Ad Rotation


Health & Safety
check verification
Report Dashboard


Publishing & email
marketing platform
With Reporting


Realtime Customer Relationship & Inventory Management


Asset Portfolio Management With Contract Leasing Billing

News from our HQ



C# / JavaScript

We have a full-time project for you building a C# and JavaScript web-application from our London Bridge studio, if you are interested, then please see our advert on Work In Startups.


Social Life


Will be attending a meet and hack on Wednesday, January 22nd at the Rainmaking Loft. See Details.




Pleased to finally release our new identity branded crafted by the talented Empty Page Studio. We think it's fantastic and we hope you like it too.



Real Time CRM
With an iPad

New project underway developing a real-time collaborative web application designed primarily for iPads. Offers full Customer Relationship Management functionality to team members.


Tech Review


Comming soon, our review of the IPv6 technology currently being deployed throughout the Internet to retire the old IPv4 address space which has now been exhausted.



London Meetup

Backbone.js gives structure to next-generation web applications, and is relatively new. Our unique venue in the arches of London Bridge plays host to a tech meetup to learn Backbone.

Software Development Life Cycle





  • Plan
  • Design
  • Build
  • Review

Listen, Learn, and Plan

Before starting any project we always make sure to get to know our clients first. We not only want to learn what it is you’re looking for, but also why. Taking the time to get to know you, asking you tough questions, and fully understanding your goals will help us build a solid foundation for your project.

Craft, Tweak, and Perfect

Because of our in-depth introductory and planning phases we can spend less time contacting you with questions and more time crafting, fine-tuning, fine-tuning again, and perfecting your project. Sit back and relax while we get to work.

Launch, Smile, and Celebrate

When launch day arrives we’ll be smiling, you’ll be smiling, even your dog will be smiling. We pride ourselves on making deadlines and getting your product out to the public. And don’t worry, if you need anything or have questions after the product is launched we’ll always be nearby to get you all fixed up and taken care of.

Listen, Evolve, and Enhance

It doesn't end with the launch though. The best part about digital is that we can continuously track and improve. We keep a close eye on our properties' performance, always looking for ways to make them even better.